Imagining a Better Future by Re-imagining the Past

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Never Was Lounge

Dieselpunk owes its existence to certain individuals who not only helped spread the word of it during its early days but helped to hammer out what the genre would come to mean. We call them the Founding Fathers of Dieselpunk.

Nick Ottens is one of those Founding Fathers.

Nick Ottens continues to be active in Dieselpunk. His most recent project is a new online community named “Never Was Lounge.”

The Never Was Lounge has different rooms dedicated to various genre-punk topics such as Steampunk, Dieselpunk, and Atomicpunk. It also has rooms for discussions about Future (Cyberpunk, etc..)  and Creative Writing. There’s a room labeled Speakeasy where members can hang out and chat about whatever is on their minds.

Even though the world is starting to reopen, there will always be a need for online contact. That genie is out of the bottle and isn't going back in. The Never Was Lounge is a great opportunity for Dieselpunks to hang out online and share their thoughts with other retronauts.

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