Imagining a Better Future by Re-imagining the Past

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Hollywood Miniseries

“What if you could rewrite the story?” - Hollywood miniseries slogan

The cornucopia of fresh small screen dieselpunk continues. One of the newest crops is the miniseries Hollywood on Netflix.

Set immediately after World War II, Hollywood follows the lives of several people hoping to make it big in the movies. The cast of characters consists of both fictional and real-life individuals.

Hollywood plays loose with history. Many critics have pointed out that Hollywood's portrayal of real-world individuals such as Rock Hudson and his agent Henry Wilson aren’t completely accurate.

However, Hollywood, while historical in setting, isn’t meant to be taken as history. It is, as one reviewer called it, “counterfactual.” Or as we would say, it’s Dieselpunk.

Hollywood was created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan. It has an all-star cast including Jim Parsons and Queen Latifah and more.

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