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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Unpacking Dieselpunk

While Dieselpunk's roots are firmly planted in the Jazz and Swing Eras, the genre is very much a child of the 21st century and the internet. In 2002, Anders Blixt and Lewis Pollak independently coined the term ‘dieselpunk’ for their RPGs. The genre's online presence grew with the forum Dieselpunks, and various blogs, including this one. A major milestone was in 2012 when John Pyka, the Voice of Dieselpunk, launched the Diesel Powered Podcast, later renamed Dieselpunk Podcast, which I was honored to be a co-host.

I’m excited to write about a recent online Dieselpunk program by Tony Snipes, owner of the Portsmouth Aeroshipbuilding Co., called Unpacking Dieselpunk.

Mr. Snipes, an expert in Dieselpunk, covers topics such as defining Dieselpunk for an eight-year-old (just my speed), the best Dieselpunk movies, what to serve at a Dieselpunk party, the role of magic and the occult in Dieselpunk, and much more. 

I never miss an episode of Unpacking Dieselpunk. Neither should you. 

Unpacking Dieselpunk streams on Facebook.

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