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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Dandy Wellington - Vintage Menswear Aficionado

This blog post is the first of two in recognition of Black History Month, in which I focus on influential African Americans in Dieselpunk.

“Vintage style, not vintage values.” – Dandy Wellington

There may be no one who embodies Dieselpunk as a lifestyle other than Dandy Wellington. Not only is he a talented performer, but, as described by the web site for the magazine Rob Report, Wellington dresses “exclusively in vintage clothing, whether at the dancehall or the dentist.” 

A quick view of Wellington’s YouTube videos reveals that his style is much more than vintage. There is a fresh, lively style to his fashion. His mantra, “Vintage style, not vintage values,” is pure Dieselpunk.


I highly recommend reading the Rob Report interview with Wellington. Then swing by his website and join his Patron account. You can also take your fashion style up a notch by joining his class “Wardrobe Building.”  

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