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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Is Electro-Swing Dieselpunk?

Dieselpunk music, like the genre itself, is very diverse. Not long ago I saw a post on Facebook in which someone was critical of Electro-Swing. Whether one likes are dislikes electro-swing music, in my opinion, one can’t deny that it’s one form of dieselpunk music.

Check out the wording of the web site
This site is dedicated to the Electro Swing movement occurring worldwide. Let’s bring back the beautiful craziness of the 20′s, come on! Welcome to :)

The dieselpunk credentials of electro-swing are solid and go beyond statements such as “Let’s bring back the beautiful craziness of the 20′s”. For example, describes the new work of the producer Soulbrarian ‘New King Dooji’ as being, “a remix of … Swing tunes, composed by the great Duke Ellington and originally recorded in 1939.”

Love it or hate it, electro-swing is a form of dieselpunk.

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