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Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Ice War by Anders Blixt

Alternative history plays a major role in dieselpunk fiction. The Ice War, written by Anders Blixt, is a great example.

In the Introduction, we learn that speculative Southern continent of Terra Australis really exists in this alternate universe and is called Alba. It’s populated by an intelligent race of beings called the Ursines. The author describes them as resembling ‘bear-centaurs’ and of similar intelligence to humans. However, their technology is roughly 18th century and pre-industrial.

The protagonist of the story is Johnny Bornewald who is a spy for the rebels fighting the Habsburg Empire. His mission is to travel to Alba and gather intelligence about his enemies. What he finds could change the course of human history.

The Ice War is a fun adventure story set in a well thought out and realistic alternative dieselpunk universe. It’s full of international intrigue and action.
Written by one of the men who coined the term dieselpunk, Ice War is a fun read that you really should buy.

You can purchase it through Smashwords and Amazon.

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