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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Dieselpunk Themed Beers

The Fourth of July just passed and Americans everywhere where enjoying barbecues, fireworks and hanging out by the pool with family and friends. For many, cold beer was the drink of choice. Beer of course plays an important role in the dieselpunk mythos thanks to Prohibition of the 1920s. Therefore, I thought it might be nice to mention two dieselpunk themed beers that are currently on the market.

Metropolis Lager (Brewed by Speakeasy Ales and Lagers)

Metropolis Lager is the recent beer by Speakeasy Ales and Lagers. It hit the shelves in San Francisco in February 2014 with its distinctive dieselpunk label. Metropolis is found only in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the company web site is currently under construction. The official propaganda reads:
“Metropolis Lager pours a radiant gold, with tropical fruit aromas and a delicate floral note. Caramel malts lend a subtle sweetness to balance the dry, crisp character of the lager yeast. Generously dry-hopped with a blend of Mosaic and Saphir hops, Metropolis unites classic German-style brewing and West Coast innovation to create a refreshing yet flavorful lager.”

Dieselpunk Beer (Brewed by World Brews)

Of course, I have to mention Dieselpunk beer. Besides the obvious name, the label art for all three brews (IPA, Porter and Stout) is wonderfully dieselpunk. In addition, the company certainly knows what dieselpunk is for the brand web site reads:
“Once, ours was a dark metropolis rife with corruption and urban decay; our soot-covered city needed to be restored. Fueled with inspiration, we look to what the future holds in our new city — our vision inevitably tainted by a layer of grime. Fuel your vision with Dieselpunk Engineered Ales.”

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