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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Elephant Uproar

Earlier I posted about the band Frenchy and the Punk’s going on tour. Of course, the reason I posted it was because on their CD ‘Hey Hey Cabaret’ they had produced some great dieselpunk songs. This creative duo is out with a new CD and they’ve taken their music in a completely new direction. Their new CD is ‘Elephant Uproar’ and it’s fantastic!

'Elephant Uproar' is largely instrumental with a special emphasis on percussion that fuses Eastern and Celtic music with their hard driving punk sound. While there are several bands that blend Celtic or Eastern music with Punk, Frenchy and the Punk do so in a way that is wonderful, fresh and unique.

Frenchy and the Punk previously went by the name the Gypsy Nomads and one can hear a Romani sound though out several songs, such as ‘Isis Rising’.

The track ‘Carnival’ gives the feel of a Pagan celebration dancing around a bonfire. It truly makes you want to move.

In ‘Paper, Rock, Scissors’ their crank up their signature hard driving beat with a percussion song that is absolutely fantastic.

Would I call this a dieselpunk CD? No, but I will say that it’s such a fantastic creation that I highly endorse it and everyone they should purchase it.

Frenchy and the Punk’s Official Page where you can learn more about the band and can buy 'Elephant Uproar'.

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