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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Frenchy and the Punk New CD and Tour!

I’m honored to report that recently Stephanie Ross, who is the promotions representative with the band French and the Punk, contacted me. They’re on tour in the US to promote their new CD ‘Elephant Uproar’. Here’s the official press release along with links to their video for ‘Rock Paper Scissors’, their official web site along with links to acquire their CD.

Tied up in the Deserts of Nevada & Taking to the US Rails

Frenchy and the Punk release new music video and depart on a train tour across the US

New Paltz, NY: A new music video (link below) from New York-based folk punk cabaret duo Frenchy and the Punk is released today, July 11, for the song Rock Paper Scissors in support of their recent CD Elephant Uproar. The disc highlights their bombastic drumming instrumentals a la Taiko meets Rio de Janeiro and their euphoric guitar instrumentals. On the heels of this video release is the cross-country train tour from NY to CA and back for the upcoming Steamstock event in San Francisco.

Frenchy and the Punk is one of the most sought after and prominent acts in the burgeoning steampunk and cabaret movements. The duo is comprised of French-born Brit. singer/percussionist Samantha Stephenson and guitarist and ex-punk Scott Helland who, along with J Mascis and Lou Barlow of Dinosaur Jr, was an original founding member and bassist of 80s punk band Deep Wound. FnP’s earlier CDs, Hey Hey Cabaret, Happy Madness and Eternal Summer, highlight their vocal and guitar based tunes. The new video, filmed in the deserts of Nevada and a Las Vegas art studio, features the all-drum instrumental Rock Paper Scissors and touts the duo’s high-octane energy and quirky comedic flair. The video was directed and edited by singer Stephenson.

On July 20th, Stephenson and Helland, along with two other east coast bands from the scene, This Way To The Egress (PA) and The Cog is Dead (FL), will board a train for Steamstock with concert stops including Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco and New Orleans. Steamstock is a two-day steampunk extravaganza in San Francisco at the Craneway Pavilion with 18 bands performing at the main event. The kickstarter funded train tour starts on July 17th and runs through August 2nd.  (

Listed in Yahoo Music Blog’s “Top 25 Dynamic Duos” (May 2012) and described by Indie Music Review at as “a steampunk faerie tale with a serious case of wanderlust,” Frenchy and the Punk’s 5th music video release is a refreshing foray into whimsy and creativity. Since forming in 2005 this duo, likened to a cross between Gogol Bordello, Dresden Dolls and Souxsie Sioux, has toured across the US and in Europe year-round and continue to capture people’s imaginations and hearts along the way.

Rock Paper Scissors is available for viewing on Youtube ( /Vimeo ( Tour dates are listed on the FnP website: Music is available on itunes, cdbaby, bandcamp and the usual online sources.

For further information contact Stephanie Ross at or (917) 701-6102.

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