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Sunday, June 23, 2013

More Dieselpunk Videos

It’s been a while since I’ve highlighted videos that while the songs aren’t necessarily dieselpunk the videos certainly are.

No More Words by Berlin

While this video does a good job of capturing the desperation and poverty of the Great Depression, it does have some historical inaccuracies such as the Thomas Dewey poster on the wall (Dewey was a prosecutor in New York at the time) and that the Texas Flag was upside down. The video though is far better than Pat Benatar’s Shadow of the Night video, which I wrote about in a previous blog on videos (Shadow of the Night: great song, bad video). No More Words is a fun song and an overall good video.

Twilight Zone by Golden Earring

I have to admit that I’ve always love this video as well as the song. The video has a great Film Noir feel to it, which obviously was what they were trying to portray and done with a touch of humor.

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