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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tape Five "Swing Patrol"

Now that the holiday season is upon us are you still trying to decide what to get that special Dieselpunk something that they would really enjoy? The perfect stocking stuffer would be Tape Five’s most recent CD, “Swing Patrol.” 
While the band Tape Five has been releasing CDs for quite a while they really broke into the music scene with their release of the fantastic CD “Tonight Josephine” back in February of 2010. Tape Five released “Swing Patrol” in September of this year and in my opinion it’s fantastic. In a change from their previous CDs, in “Swing Patrol” the band placed greater emphasis on the swing aspects of their music than on the European dance electronica style. The result is the perfect combination of the two with a much more sophisticated sound than ever before.  

“Swing Patrol” is the perfect gift.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic! miles ahead!

(Music listener from planet earth)