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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Creature Academy: The Legacy

Following is a news release on what promises to be a fantastic production:

CONTACT: Kevin Hanna (
Clockwork Girl's Kevin Hanna Completes Kickstarter Launch of Creature Academy, new Steampunk Fantasy
SEATTLE (September 27, 2012) - Creature Academy: The Legacy, a new steampunk-inspired fantasy adventure comic, completed its successful Kickstarter campaign this week, raising over $10,000 from backers. This new comic is a dark tale about kids and their magical creatures teaming up to fight the evil forces that kidnapped their parents. New backers can still order a copy before Saturday Sept. 29, 2:28am EDT.
Wes Mendes, 14, has lived his whole life on the run with his mom. When she gets kidnapped by evil forces, they come for him next. So he must hide in an underground city where the human and the magic worlds collide. There Wes joins a team of kids and their magical creatures, at a school like no other. He finds his own magical creature and leads the team on a dangerous quest to destroy the evil and save their parents.
Creator Kevin Hanna and artist Grant Bond are comic book veterans who collaborated on the best-selling steampunk graphic novel The Clockwork Girl. But the world of Creature Academy is both more realistic and more magical. The young heroes of Creature Academy fight evil alongside mythical creatures such as: grigs, hippogriffs, basilisks, manticores and leviathans. There's even the world's first steampunk unicorn, with fiery eyes and armor plating---a creature that doesn't want to hear your "My Little Pony" jokes, ever.
Creature Academy's creator, Kevin Hanna, does art for animation, comics and video games (Crimson Skies) and is best known for the award-winning graphic novel The Clockwork Girl and the Web comic, Frog children. He also directed the soon-to-be-released feature film of The Clockwork Girl.
Creature Academy's lead artist/colorist, Grant Bond, reunites with Kevin Hanna for the first time since The Clockwork Girl, Grant's fantastic art can be seen in projects such as: Igor: Movie Prequel, Supernatural  and Tron.
For more information about the Creature Academy Kickstarter campaign, go to  To send questions or schedule an interview, please contact Kevin Hanna (creator) at and/or Dave Fagan (script) at

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