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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rollicking Tales Blog Tour

While I’m away in Jefferson, Texas with my North Texas Dieselpunks group at the Nightmare Machine Convention, I’m delighted this week to have a guest writer, Thomas Pugh of Rollicking Tales.
~ Larry

I was delighted when Mr Amyett emailed me the other week and agreed to take part in the ROLLICKING TALES blog tour. Let me tell you why: up until a few weeks ago I didn’t even know Dieselpunk existed. I had heard of its elder cousins, Steampunk and Cyberpunk, but somehow the Dieselpunk scene had managed to pass me by.

Despite this, it is exactly what I am looking for my anthology ROLLICKING TALES: THE FARMER’S ALMANAC. I always like a good dollop of imagery in stories and if this is sleek, art deco imagery all the better. The pulp magazines of the 30s and 40s were my inspiration for Rollicking Tales, exciting stories that don’t care what genre they belong to but have a thrill a minute and plots with more kinks than a Tory MP.

Not that Rollicking Tales is a pastiche, like Dieselpunk it is taking what has gone before and blending it with modern ideas. I strongly believe that there is a place in the public’s affection for a good story, well told and cheaply packaged.

In fact I am even writing a Dieselpunk story myself and didn’t realize it. Unwittingly I had come from the same direction independently, writing a jazz age story in the pulp style. It was quite a surprise to find I had a genre ready to slot it into.

So if any of you Dieselpunks out there are writers I would encourage you to submit stories to ROLLICKING TALES. I think you’ll find it fits in perfectly.

This post has been part of the ROLLICKING TALES Blog Tour. Tomorrow’s post will be at Swordfighter Creative ( To follow the tour from the beginning go to The Various Electronic Missives of Thomas H Pugh (

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