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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dieselpunk Encyclopedia

I'm proud to announce the launching of a new site created by Eli Krichevsky (Lord K) and I: Dieselpunk Encyclopedia. We created this site with the goal of bringing together material about Dieselpunk into one source for reference or research.

At the Dieselpunk Encyclopedia one will find articles on the Components of Dieselpunk, Dieselpunk Cinema, Dieselpunk Music and many more topics. In addition, one will find some of the landmark articles on Dieselpunk that have appeared in a variety of sources over the years.

The famed Dieselpunk artist Stefan Prohaczka made the art on the Home page especially for the Encyclopedia. We thank him for his generous contribution.

As the genre continues to grow and develop, so will this site.


Batou said...

Outstanding! Excellent work, gentlemen (and, any ladies involved, just to be safe...). Looking forward to the Dieselpunk Encyclopedia's growth!

Unknown said...

that's pretty awesome!