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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Dieselpunk Novel: In Plain Sight

“Dan Willis is an awesome writer and you should buy this book.” - NYT bestselling author Larry Correia.

If you combine pulp noir with magic the result is the dieselpunk novel In Plain Sight, which is book one of the Arcane Casebook series by Dan Willis. Set in an alternate 1930s where magic is real, the protagonist, Alex Lockerby, is a private eye who uses runes (magical sketches) along with old fashion detective skills to solve crimes.

According to Amazon,
“When a magical plague is released in a Depression-era New York soup kitchen, private detective Alex Lockerby finds himself in a desperate hunt to catch a madman before he can strike again.”

Dan Willis successfully blends the Jazz Age with magic to create a world that’s both familiar and magical. There are currently four books in the Arcane Casebook series with the most recent just released this year. I’ve been enjoying In Plain Sight and I very much look forward to reading the sequels. 

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