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Saturday, August 18, 2018

New Dieselpunk Games

Dieselpunk started life as games (Children of the Sun, Lemuria) This tradition of dieselpunk gaming continues today. Here are two new dieselpunk games on the market that my readers might enjoy. One is a Decopunk game named AIRHEART and the other a Gothic Deco game named Bitter Tides.

The headline at Gamasutra reads, “Captivating diesel-punk adventure AIRHEART set to soar onto PC and PS4 later this month with additional consoles to follow”. The site describes the game as follows,
AIRHEART is a stunning diesel-punk action game in which players become Amelia, a young pilot living in the cloud city of Granaria who wishes to one day reach the world’s edge. In order to survive and thrive in the floating city, Amelia must take to the air in her customizable plane to go sky fishing, avoiding pirates and many other dangers along the way.

Learn more about the game at

Bitter Tides
The headline at the website One Angry Gamer reads, “BITTER TIDES, DIESELPUNK-HORROR STEALTH GAME TARGETS OCTOBER 2019 RELEASE.” The site describes the game as follows,
Imagine the upgrade system from BioShock, the stealth mechanics of Amnesia, and the horrors from the deep taken right out of Lovecraftian lore and slathered over a richly rendered 3D world steeped in a dieselpunk motif. What you end up with is Bottom Feeders’ highly anticipated indie-horror game, Bitter Tides.

Learn more about the game at

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