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Sunday, March 15, 2015

End Times Spasm Band: Baudelaire

End Times Spasm Band is a fantastic band headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana. According to their official web site,
The End Times Spasm Band is a hot swing ensemble led by Lyndsy Rae and Bart Helms.

We think of our music as urban Americana. Jazz as the soundtrack of the Americans who fled farmland for the cosmopolitan cities. The music of the rivers that carried people into the 20th century.

They’re newest EP is Baudelaire and I’ve been honored with having an opportunity to hear an advance release.

As the title suggests, the EP has a French theme to it. While it’s a small EP, in that there are only six tracks, each track is a gem. The title track Baudelaire, is bouncy and fun. Longtime fans will recognize it as classic End Times Spasm. However, they switch gears with the next track, The Figure of the Dance. It’s slow and Bluesy. When they get to the third track, Little Bird, they return to their energetic pace. However, it still has a more subtle feel to it than was common on their previous EPs. The fourth song is the French classic, La Vie en Rose. Being that this song was originally released by the legendary Édith Piaf back in 1945, this might be the most dieselpunk song on the EP. The fifth song, Archæologies, is wonderfully upbeat and fun. If this this one doesn’t get your feet tapping then you must be dead. Number six, Some of These Days, is another fun and upbeat song in the classic End Times Spasm Band style.

I’m sure that you can tell that I thoroughly enjoy this new EP. With Baudelaire, the End Times Spasm Band has reached a new high.

Their new EP will be released April 11, 2015. Check out their official web site.

Want to see them live? I've seen them in concert and I highly recommend it. Following are a listing of their upcoming concerts:
4/11/15 – The Brass Rail w
5/9/15 – CS3
6/6/15 – The Phoenix

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