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Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Dieselpunk Radio Hour (Act 1 Demo)

The world of Dieselpunk continues to grow rapidly. Recently the musician Paul Shapera released an extraordinary EP titled “The Dieselpunk Radio Hour (Act 1 Demo)”. It’s a great example of the power and creativity that makes up the Dieselpunk genre.

The Dieselpunk Radio Hour is essentially a rock opera about an imaginary nation in the midst of a civil war. However, it doesn’t glorify war but explores the dark realities of it.
As I listened to this EP, my mind kept going back to David Bowie. Shapera’s voice reminds me strongly of Bowie’s while the style of the songs also reminds me Bowie’s creativity in style along with some Pink Floyd thrown in.

“The Dieselpunk Radio Hour (Act 1 Demo)” is a must-have for any Dieselpunk’s music collection. You can listen to it free at the artist web site. However, I strongly encourage everyone to buy the download of the EP. It only costs $5 and it helps an independent artist.

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