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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gatehouse Gazette 22 – Special Summer 2012 Issue

In numerous postings, I’ve referred to the importance of the online magazine Gatehouse Gazette as in the development of Dieselpunk. It was in the premier issue that Nick Ottens and Mr. Piecraft published the landmark article “Discovering Dieselpunk.” That article provided an analysis of the genre as well as a framework that the genre has continued to build upon. Unfortunately, the Gatehouse Gazette stopped publication in November 2011 with issue number 21 and became a blog.

However, a special Summer 2012 issue has been released and it’s full of Dieselpunk goodness. There’s an excellent article by Tome Wilson (owner of the site Dieselpunks.Org), Marcus Rauchfuß wrote a thought-provoking article on the role of Nazi aesthetics that’s sometimes found in the Dieselpunk community, Nick Ottens wrote a very nice article on the importance of the automobile within Dieselpunk, and Hilde Heyvaert wrote an excellent article on noir and Dieselpunk fashion. I even have a review of the book Third Reich Victorious, which is an anthology of short stories exploring the nightmare scenarios of how the Axis might have won World War II.

Along with all of these great articles, the issue is simply beautiful visually. It’s a sophisticated as anything printed by a major publisher. The art, photography, and layout are amazing making the magazine pure eye candy.

You can download the issue from their web site along with all of the prior issues.

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