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Saturday, December 24, 2011


I have just two comments to post on this Christmas weekend.

First involves looking back on 2011. This year has been an amazing year in Dieselpunk. We’ve seen a massive growth in recognition and interest in the genre. Even when the term wasn’t used, though it has been more and more often, one couldn't help but notice the renewed interest in not only the events of the Diesel Era but the inclusion of Decodence (the aesthetics or feel of the 20s – 40s) by the mass media. In addition, 2011 saw Dieselpunk expand beyond cyberspace into the real world as Dieselpunks around the globe began forming groups by which they could come together to share the passion. Even in cyberspace Dieselpunk has continued to grow with sites such as Dieselpunks.Org seeing continuous growth in members. Plus, there’s been the growth of Dieselpunk fiction with the works of Larry Correia and David Mark Brown. Not to mention the 2011 Dieselpunk cinema productions of Hugo, Warhorse and the Adventures of Tin Tin. Yes, 2011 was a great year for Dieselpunk.

My second comment involves looking forwards but for this, I have to give just a tease. On New Year’s Day will be a new web site like no other Dieselpunk site. Those of us who are involved in this project hope that this new site will provide a unique contribution to the genre. On New Year’s Day I’ll post the URL. So check back here at the start of the new year. Until then, may the rest of 2011 be a wonderful and prosperous year to you my readers.

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