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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dieselpunk International

"Dieselpunks of the World Unite!" Well, that’s not exactly what Marx and Engels wrote but when I look around the web I find that it’s amazing how international Dieselpunk is. Dieselpunk groups are coming together in countries across the globe. In addition, Dieselpunk material isn’t limited to English but is appearing in various languages. What follows are a several examples of Dieselpunk as it appearing around the world.

North Texas Dieselpunks: As far as I know, North Texas Dieselpunks is the only formal Dieselpunk organization in the United States.

Dieselpunk SA: This organization consists of members from Steampunk SA and is set in Southern Australia. Ironically, they had their first meeting at the same time and day as the North Texas Dieselpunks.

Vancouver Dieselpunks: The Vancouver Dieselpunks had their first meeting back on October 4th 2011. To the best of my knowledge this is the only formal Canadian Dieselpunk organization.

Atlantic Republic: This is an online Russian language community that’s building their own virtual Dieselpunk world.

Russian Blogs: There are two Russian language Dieselpunk blogs, and While I know of no Dieselpunk groups in Germany there is, which is a German language blog.

Sindicato Dieselpunk: This is a Spanish based Dieselpunk Facebook group with members from Argentina, México, Spain and Chile.

Radio MetronomiK: Radio Metronomik is an online Spanish Dieselpunk Radio station.

El Investigador: El Investigador is a Spanish language Dieselpunk/ Steampunk magazine.

These groups and resources help show that in a very short period of time Dieselpunk has become a worldwide phenomenon that’s growing more and more every day.
Credits: The symbol in this image was inspired by the logo for, which was created by Tome Wilson.


Duerkark said...

The fact that the NT and SA Dieselpunk events happened at exactly the same time still messes with my head a little.

Duerkark said...

The fact that the NT and SA Dieselpunk events happened at exactly the same time still messes with my head a little.

Lord K said...

Nice logo!

A. G. said...

Thanks for the mention!

Larry Amyett, Jr said...

Thanks! Of course credit has to go to Tome Wilson for his fantastic logo for Dieselpunks.Org, which I used as a source.

TuxedoCatSings said...

Very informative blog post, Larry. I know how (relatively) big steampunk is getting - almost mainstream, in fact. It is great to know that dieselpunk is growing both in the U.S. and internationally, too.

Radio MetronomiK said...

Thank you for the mention Larry

modernesia said...

Long live Dieselpunk!