Imagining a Better Future by Re-imagining the Past

Sunday, August 14, 2011


In previously posts, I’ve mentioned the grassroots origin of Dieselpunk. One example of this is the site deviantArt, which gives independent artists a place where they post their work online at no charge. At deviantArt, the visitor will find all forms of art ranging from digital art, film, cartoons, manga and much more. In addition, deviantArt is organized where there are various "groups" consisting of common themes. Most of the work is free for download while some are watermarked and limited to purchase.

DeviantArt is a wonderful source for dieselpunk art. Great Dieselpunk artists such as Stefan Prohaczka, ixlrlxi, and Alexey Lipatov all post their work on deviantArt. An exciting aspect of deviantArt is the group #DieselPunkMachine. The group defines itself as, "A group for the collection, sharing, and discussion of dieselpunk related art; DieselPunk being the sub-genre of sci-fi SteamPunk interbellum period through World War II (c. 1920-1945)."

"Red Hawks" by Lipatov

Admittedly, the quality of the art varies greatly on deviantArt. However, that shows something wonderful about deviantArt as well as Dieselpunk. Anyone can participate. One doesn’t have to be a fashion designer, historian or a professional artist. This openness to all is part of the greatness of Dieselpunk.


Lord K said...

Great mural, Larry. Thanks!

TuxedoCatSings said...

I offer my own deviantart site for your consideration. The pendants and metallic and beaded cuffs that I design and then realize go hand-in-hand, somehow, with my alternative folk-rock diesel/steam-informed music as Tuxedo Cat Sings!: and