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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Twit Publishing

As mentioned in my last post, I was going to give a panel about Dieselpunk at the Steampunk convention, The Difference Engine, in Fort Worth, Texas on June 4th. Though the attendance of the convention was small, (which is common for a new convention) while there I had had the good fortune to meet with a local independent publishing house called Twit Publishing.

According to their website:

Twit Publishing LLC is an independent publishing company based in Dallas, Texas. It specializes in electronic, visual, and print media. PULP! Summer / Fall 2010 is the first of eight anthologies focusing on genre fiction that is the direct descendent of the pulps of the early 20th.

In discussion with representatives of the publishing house, I learned that only recently did they realize that some of the fiction they've been publishing would properly be labeled as Dieselpunk. In addition, I learned that they're interested in publishing more Dieselpunk literature and that they are looking for writers.

So, check out their site. Show some support and buy their publications. In addition, contact them if you’re interested in having a book or story published.


Mr. K said...

Wooargh, holy nuts. Craig said he'd be at the convention, trading information with some sort of Dieselpunk purveyor. I hate to gush, but I'm the guy they're talking about. So funny to run into people in the, sigh, "blogosphere."

In reality, that recent discovery was less than a month ago, and since Craig dropped that bomb on me, my head's been reeling with new ideas. I'm still trying to get myself acquainted with a potential new family, so to speak, which is how I stumbled across the article. If you have any recommended reading/viewing/listening/whatever,I'd be glad to dive into a new source of period appropriate inspiration.

Larry Amyett, Jr said...

Hi Kaizo. I'm glad you posted. I'll send to your email address listed with Blogger a list of Dieselpunk movies, bands and such to help provide some inspiration.

Thanks again for posting,